Sharpen your skillset in the trending market of Cryptocurrency.

Follow Jayden in experiencing his journey in crypto


Gain the advantage of investing Into coins before they hit the Public market. Gather the correct Tools from setting up a Coinbase, Meta Mask, and Uniswap.

Gather Knowledge.

Get the knowledge of understanding What you're putting your money in. Get the proper resources to grasp each Coins purpose and vision for the future. We invest in the future.


With all the steps proved you'll now know multiple types of coins. now you’ll be able to invest in any coin with smart decision making on gathering information..

Gain the tools. Get the knowledge. Start investing.

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Achieve Financial Success At Any Age

Whizango is launching a new financial education course for students that will provide expert insights into maximizing your financial wellbeing. The course is based on THE RULE OF 35. The Rule of 35 is simple: To help you eliminate debt strategically by lowering your debt-to-income (DTI), free up cash, create new income streams, lower your tax liability, and invest.  This interactive, online course will help you create a secure financial foundation so you can tackle all of life’s new ventures-personal and professional.   

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63% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved up. This is the REAL American pandemic.

While money doesn’t grow on trees, it can grow when you spend, save, and invest wisely. Look at people who win the lottery, 70% are bankrupt after a few years. Why? Because they did not endure the process of success and build the leadership foundation that comes with the journey of self-created success. As you get older and more successful, you will understand that the journey to success is worth more than the money that is created. Knowing how to secure your financial well-being is one of the most important things you’ll ever need in life.

I Don't Want To Be Another Statistic

Skill Sets Gained From This Course.

In this course, you will learn how to financially secure along with crucial life lessons that will help you succeed in any environment. Whether if that's in your family, friends, and workplace. 

Being A Leader.

Knowing how to become a leader is the first step in any growth in your business or even yourself. Not being afraid of problems, learning from your mistakes, and leading from the middle with other aspects.

Operating businesses.

How to start, Where to start, and knowing how to expand. Creating a business isn't the easiest objective to do. Jayden will be able to guide you on the correct steps to make your vision come true.

Clarity In The Mind.

A must-have trait for any career you head into. If you're an employee for a huge corporation, to starting your own. Gain problem-solving skills, creative solutions, and especially gain trust with your family. 


8 Weeks





Pay For Life's Adventures Without Going Into Debt

Making money and creating income is vital. Through this course, you will learn more about how to not only create new income opportunities, but diversify that income. Whizango wants to help you take the first step by offering you a position in our Referral Program. This allows you to create income TODAY! Explore this opportunity and learn more about our earning structure and BONUS program.

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Meet Your Instructor.

Jayden Slentz


Jayden Slentz knows how to create success. He has dedicated his career to the mortgage and real estate industries. He currently serves as the Founder and CEO of the Whizango brand of companies, all hyper-focused on helping professionals and customers alike take charge of the business and finances.


Jayden Slentz knows how to create success and is never afraid to put in the work to achieve something special. From humble beginnings, Jayden started selling furniture after his baseball career in college and had his first real estate deal before the age of 25. From there, he has been building successful mortgage, marketing, real estate, and financial services companies since 2010. What does an entrepreneur, husband, and dad come to love? LEADING. Jayden believes that when you lead by example, you create a picture of what's possible.

What You Should Expect?

Financial success means being in control of your money. Your income doesn’t determine how financially successful you are, your choices and priorities do. By understanding what you want to achieve financially, establishing a realistic spending and savings plan, and preparing for your future, you can establish personal financial control.

After enrolling, we will spend the next eight (8) weeks equipping you with the knowledge, strategies, and real implementation steps that you need to:


Want To Make Better Financial Decisions? Start Here. 

We face countless personal finance decisions every day. They range from the seemingly trivial (should we go out for dinner) to the more impactful (how much should we spend on a home). Yet each of these decisions work together, over a lifetime, to define our finances. Partner with Whizango, through this online course, to kick start your road to financial success today.

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"By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail."

― Benjamin Franklin,
Founding Father of the United States